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Yayasan Sosial Pembangunan Masyarakat (YASPEM) is the oldest NGO in Sikka District in NTT Province. The Foundation was founded in 1974, initiated by Father Heinrich Bollen, SVD, a Germany missionary in cooperation with some local laymen. The foundation is non-profit organization focusing on social dan humanitarian measures to support the empowerment of smallholder farmer and rural / village communities in Sikka.


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Yaspem’s goal is not just to help local communities but to empower them to be able to lift their selves of poverty through different empowerment programs in agriculture sector, health sector, environment, child empowerment, women empowerment. We have been always on forefront to empower the communities and smallholder farmer in Sikka District through our different programs.


• Our foundation introduced on-site training for farmer regarding land conservation, encouraged farmer to plant much more crops. Since they used to plant only coconut, we encouraged and trained them to grow different crops such as cacao, clove, vanilla, nutmeg, pepper. With such an approach we support the mostly smallholder farmers to practice sustainable agriculture and increase their income and welfare. • Yaspem has initiated environmental program. Yaspem conducted “Lamtoronisasi program” which was Soil and environment conservation through leucaena plantation (Forming leucaena hedgerow to prevent soil erosion). In recognition of Yaspem’s achievement, the former Indonesian President (Soeharto) granted The Initiator of Yaspem, Father Heinrich Bollen, SVD a highest environment award, Kalpataru Award.

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• In Health Sector, Yaspem built clinics for treatment of TBC patients, and since 2007 we have carried out an extensive program in overcoming malaria in Sikka District. This program was implemented through Malaria mass blood survey involving 98.000 inhabitant of Sikka District, Preventive action through larva breedingsite control, Educating school children about Malaria with PLA method. In 10 years, we succeeded to decrease 90% of Malaria cases in Sikka District. Now Sikka District is prepared to reach the phase of elimination certification. • Since 2005, We carried out Program to combat child – malnutrition and stunting. This is carried out through nutrition support for families of malnourished children, training the mothers or family member of the children to be able to prepare nutritious food using local resources, conducting positive deviance program, training regarding health care and hygiene.