Sea World Club Beach Resort & Dive Center

D iving & Snorkeling

We have Package for diving and snorkeling program, open one day trip for backpacker,group or private, if you want to, we have program Discovery scuba diving if you want to try scuba diving in maumere.

Sea World Club Beach Resort & Dive Center

Seeing dolphins in their natural habitat should be on everyone’s bucket list. Watching them elegantly dip in and out of the water with barely a splash is captivating. As they swim alongside the boat and interact with humans, they demonstrate their docile and charming nature.


Maumere is a beautiful bay on the north coast of Flores. It is an area that is famous for its diversity. Maumere Bay offers exquisite scenery. The islands on the outer part of the bay boast steep wall diving, in which the wall is covered with hard corals and large sea fans.